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Residential and Commercial Shredding Service

24 октября 2020

A Paper shredder is used to shred paper into small strips and pieces. Businesses, government agencies, and individuals use it to destroy documents: credit cards,

A Paper shredder is used to shred paper into small strips and pieces. Businesses, government agencies, and individuals use it to destroy documents: credit cards, accounts, bank documents that can be used for fraudulent purposes or data theft. Shred Monster offers professional shredding Fort Collins, CO as well as hard drive shredding and recycling.

History of Paper shredding

The first such shredder was created by the inventor from New York, Augusto Low. His paper jar, which improved recycling, was filed for a patent in February 1909. The patent was obtained in August of the same year, but the invention never saw the light of day. Schroeder from Echinger's base, which is hand-cut into noodles, was created in 1935 in Germany. it is believed that the inventor needed to get rid of anti-Nazi documents in order to avoid persecution from the state. Later, he started selling shredders to government agencies, financial firms, adding an electric motor. Ehinger's company makes the first shredders back in 1959, by the way, they still produce them. The American embassy in Iran used a paper shredder to cut documents into strips before the embassy seizure back in 79. After Colonel O. North reported to Congress that he was using the Schleicher Intimus 007 S shredder, sales were boosted by 20%.

Varieties of shredders

Shredders range in price and size, from inexpensive and small for shredding a small number of pages to large machines used by special shredders, with a capacity of 1 million documents per hour. An ordinary shredder is an electrical appliance, but there are also manual shredders. All these devices are distinguished by shape and size:

• Shredder-plane cuts narrow strips with rotating knives. Such stripes can be restored, so this type is unsafe;

• Confetti shredder uses 2 rotating drums to cut rectangular pieces;

• a shredder-shredder cuts round or rectangular pieces;

• the granulator and disintegrator cuts the document repeatedly until the particles can pass through the mesh;

• shredder-meat grinder passes documents through the screen;

• shredder-cutter tears paper with rotating knives;

• industrial shredder shredding plastic cards, as well as magnetic media up to the 3rd degree of secrecy.

Information recovery

Sometimes it is possible to restore documents. Usually, the paper pieces are not mixed with each other. In addition, if the documents were submitted so that the lines of text go to the blades, then the text remains on the strips. Shredded documents can be restored manually. And modern computer technology significantly accelerates this process. The strips are scanned from both sides, and then the computer makes how they should be connected.

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